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MeMy name is Jay (Formally known as 'Twinkie' the clown) and I am known as Styk33 on most forums/websites including MySpace,, and  I am 27 years old.  I went to American River College in Sacramento, CA.  I majored in Welding Technology and minored in Computer Information Science. I am an amateur triathlete and really enjoy the lifestyle.

I spend a lot of time training, playing with my R/C Helicopter, riding my bicycle to work, and thinking of more ways to spend money on my Home Theater. Here are pics of my credentials for you to see my Ministry certificate and my Metaphysics degree. This is the reasoning for me signing my name 'Reverend Dr. Jay.' Keep in mind though I am not a serious religious person.

Pics of Me

Things of the past.

The first week of May 2000, my life went downhill.  Starting with my fiancÚ leaving me, my best friend moved to Oklahoma to work for kicker, my roommate moving out, my Grandfather dying, losing my job, and getting pulled over for doing 150+mph in a 45mph zone, plus my dog (Kramer) was hit by a car and was killed. Since that week, I still get to see my ex-fiancÚ (used love her very much).  I talk to my best friend on the phone fairly often.  I have a new job which pays more.  My speeding ticket was reduced after getting a lawyer (Elliott Faust 530-268-8435 ) to $283.00 and 1 point.

I bought my current home when I was 20, in Fair Oaks, CA.  Shortly afterwards I bought my 1994 Mazda RX-7 Twin-Turbo after 6 long months of looking for a 94+ Acura NSX.  I bought the car from my friend Brian Yates who owns Gold River Auto Body (916-631-9456 ).  He bought the car salvaged and repaired it back to stock hoping to keep the RX-7.  After 2 years of owning it, his new child and new home caused him to sell the RX-7 to me :)
From the first day I started making changes.  The factory engine bay was way to cluttered in stock form; I spent lots of time reading, researching, and learning about how the RX-7 worked.  After 3 months I decided the engine bay was to cluttered and removed everything but the engine (A/C, Powersteering, Plastic, Intercooler, solenoids, turbos, and on and on).  During that week most of the minor modification and the non-sequential turbo mod were done by me.

From the first month I had planned to buy an engine management system, mainly looking at the Apex-i Power FC system.  After waiting 3 months for its release, I gave up and started searching for another system <more>.

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