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A little biking background on myself. I started riding around 1992 in high school, then I started riding seriously when I purchased my first real mountain bike, '94 StumpJumper FS. It was an 'okay' bike, weighed around 26lbs with full saddle bag and suspension front fork. I was riding around 200-300 miles a week with it on and off the road. Since I road to school and to work I put some good miles on it. Most of the off road trails I road then were equestrain trails and dedicated bicycle trails. I worked as a bicycle mechanic at "The Bike Shop" for 9 months right after I graduated High School. I stopped working there to pursue a career that paid better.

I bought a 2001 GT Zaskar to ride after missing riding for so long. It was my first aluminum frame and it had XT/XTR compontents on it with a Rock Shox Judy (80mm) on the front. Disc brakes all around and those where swapped out along with the wheels for some Avid Single Digit 7s and Chris King/Mavic wheels. Fun bike to ride off road, but there are not enough trails close enough to ride. I have been converted to a roadie now :(

I bought my current commuter bike in October of 2002 at Performance Bicycles. I bought it specifically to ride to work with. After racing on my commuter bike for a season I have since found some deals on bikes for just racing. Is is normal to have a bike that costs more than the vehicle you drive to the race?

My current road race bike was bought in January of 2004 in hopes to drop a few pounds and something that would have better geometry for racing.

The Tri bike was bought as a frameset in January of 2004. Originally it was bought in October of 2003, but was damaged during shippping. So I got my money back and have since repurchased it and had it fixed.

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