Granite Bay Triathlon (Sprint) - September, 2004

Finish: 29 out of 183

Pre-race Strategy

No real pre-race strategy here.

See you at the race.

Race Report

This race is always a lot of fun. I had no real expectations, just wanted a good fun race. It was a rematch between my buddy Mike Condon and I from Wildflower when I blew up. I had gone out to ride and run the course the week before and looked at the run that was between the lake and T1.


The under 34 males go off in the same wave. 1






I come into T2 feeling pretty good. It was time to run the 5mi and that was of no worries to me. I hopped off my bike and sat down to put on my running shoes. I put on my race belt and my racing hat.


Coming out of T2 the announcer mentioned my cool racing hat and gave me some airtime :) I ran along and grabbed some water and continued on. During the run I was passed by John Tuttle who won the 40-44AG and we ran together/chatted for a mile. At the mile 2 aid station I got passed by a guy in my AG, he was now in the lead and there was no hope of me catching him. He was fast. I push hard up the small hills and enjoyed the nice wooded trail run. Around mile 3 a huge gust of wind came and blew my hat off. I was in a podium position, so there was no time to go back and look for it. I ran run Carak Attack and got ready for the final mile. A few people passed me, but they were not in my AG, so I did not worry. I held onto my 2nd place position to the end.

Overall Finishing Position: 29 (2nd in my age group)

After the race I chatted with some of the folks that had finished ahead of me. Ended up making a good friend Todd Dooley and chatted with some local tri club folks. Fun race, even if the weather was nasy.

Swim Time - 00:22:41
Run Time - 00:03:26 (swim/run = 26:07)
Transition 1 - Included in Bike time
Bike Time - 00:38:33
Transition 2- Included in Bike time

Run Time - 00:39:17

Final Time - 01:43:57 2nd place in the 25-29AG

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