Minden Criterium - July, 2003 (Cat 5)

Datalog of the event

Finish: 4th 

The weather was nice and warm for the race and they started us about 70 minutes later than scheduled which was uncool. The race started out with just a few of us, so I was happy. Since I am just doing this race to get points to move up, I was not to interested in putting out a big effort. Vineman is the next weekend and that is a lot more important than this crit. I was figuring it was going to be a long drive to this race in Nevade, but it turns out it was less than two hours. The race starts and we roll out and go. Mild pace around 37kph and just cruising, after a lap or so the pace picked up to around 40kph. About a 15 minutes into the race they ring the prime bell and people start to look at each other. Half way into the lap I felt like having fun, so I attacked an got a good gap, but one of the other guys managed to come with me. I had already known that this guy was a strong rider, so I was not happy to see him behind me. We come around the final turn and I basically sit up and let him have it. He gets up the road about 5 seconds from me as I cross the line and I look back for the rest of the pack. They still have not come around the final corner. I pick up the pace and go up to the guy in front. We stayed away for about 10 minutes and then we both just sat up and let them catch us. I was not to found of working to hard in this race, so being in a break was not really what I want to have happen. It comes back together and we cruise for a few laps until the next prime. With about .2k to go a guy attacks and the guy that went with me the first time goes with him. They get a good gap and the others are working, although they are not exactly working hard enough to bring them back, just enough so they maintain there gap. They stay away for about 5 laps and then it comes back together again. Everyone pretty much relaxes since there are about 6 laps to go until the finish. With 3 laps to go a guy attacks and gets a good 12 second gap. The three of us stronger guys chase and the other guys pretty much get dropped. His gap gets smaller on the second to last lap, but is still up by ~7 seconds. Half way through the final lap we catch him and pass him. After that everyone pretty much spreads out and begins there final sprint. I just stand up and turn the pedals over, but not really sprinting (maybe 47kph). About 20m from the finish the tall guy comes past me sprinting. I tried to pick up the pace, but he had to much speed and just settled for fourth.

Great race, small, lots of action, good mix of riders. I would not have been a contender for a win at the race even if I was not saving myself. The guy that won just had to much horsepower.

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