Sea Otter Classic Road Race- April, 2004 (Cat 4)
Finish: ~50th

I was pretty excited about this race, it was going to be very hilly and fast. I was just hoping to stay with the main group and finish midpack. That did not happen. We started opposite direction on the track, road out of the track near turn 1 and out onto the road. A 3 mile descent happens then you come to the "Wall", which is kind of steep, but not very long. About 3/4 of the way up the Wall I got dropped. I rode with a guy named Sterling for the next 3 (of 5) laps until he could not continue at the pace I wanted. I finished and was happy to have it done with. Super tough race, not sure if I will do it next year. To recap, I started, got dropped on the first climb 5 miles into the 50 mile race and road by myself to the finish. Guess what, I finished in the top 1/3, because I actually continued to race and did not DNF. Hot damn!

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