E6K to RX-7 Wiring

Interested in saving time on your Haltech install? Make all the connections inside the passenger side kickpanel. For a more "printer friendly" version click here. This wiring diagram is for a Series 6 (FD) RX-7.

RX-7 Harness to E6K Harness

Stock Harness E6K Conn Description
4E Yellow Yellow J16-B Crank NE +(Trigger)
4H Red Red J16-C Crank NE -(Input A)
4H Red Blue J16-D Crank G -(Input B)
4G White Green J16-E Crank G +(Home)
4W Lt. Green/Red Lt. Blue J13 Injector 1 (Primary)
4Y Lt. Green/Black Blue/Red J13 Injector 2 (Primary)
4X Lt. Green/White Green/Red J13 Injector 3 (Secondary)
4Z Lt. Green Pink J13 Injector 4 (Secondary)
1G Brown Blue J7 Front Igniter (Digital Out 2)
1J Brown/Black White/Black J7 Rear Igniter (Digital Out 1)
1H Lt. Green Lt. Green J7 Leading Igniter (Igniter Out)
1T to 1K Orange Flying Fuel Pump Relay (Connection 1)
Connect to Chassis (-) Orange Flying Fuel Pump Relay (Connection 2)
Connect to Battery (+) Red Flying Main Power
Connect to Chassis (-) Black Flying Ground
1B Black/White Gray Flying Ignition Power
3D White/Blue Violet/White J18 PWM1 (Radiator Fans)
4Q Lt.Blue/Green Pink/Black J18 PWM2 (BAC)
1L Brown/Black Blue/Green J18 PWM3 (A/C)
2J Gray Green/White J18 PWM4 (Air Pump)
3C Black Gray J6 O2 Sensor
1M Green/Red Gray/Yellow J17 Road Speed
4D Brown/Black Black J10-A TPS (-5V)
3G Black/Green White J10-B TPS (Signal)
3I Brown/White Orange J10-C TPS (+5V)
3L Green Gray J11-B Air Temp Sensor
3E Green/White Violet J12-B Coolant Temp Sensor
Stock ECU to Stock ECU
1H Lt.Green 2B Yellow/Blue Tachometer Signal
1T Blue/Black 1K Blue/White Connect these to Fuel Pump Relay

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