Old News

Keep in mind this is old news and not necessarily current in what is going on with my car or things I am looking to do.


My roommate (aka tenant) is all moved in. It is fun having someone else living with me. It makes me grow as a person and learn to comprimise better. I have resigned from being the President of the Sacramento Triathlon Club, but still play a small role within the club as the workout coordinator. I have won my last two triathlons and am still training hard to continue this throughout the season if I can. The boat is almost together, new floor, new amps, new sub, new tower speakers, new gator grip and an extra board rack will make the boat more fun this summer on the river. Oh, I am still single (are you blonde, fun, energetic, but still like quiet nights, email me).


I have been busy with a new roommate moving in. He is a triathlete and trying to go pro. I did some more painting in my house and redecorated two rooms that I had not done anything with since I bought the place. My garage is a disaster since getting the boat back, hopefully good weather comes and I can organize it some more. I would like to put all of my holiday decorations in some storage tubs and put them in the garage to free up some room in the house. Plus I will be making new tower speakers that model the NVS setups. I have replaced the amps that were stolen from the boat with bigger and better ones. It should sound good this summer and hopefully we will not hit any logs.


I got my boat back and it is all done. Sterling Marine did the repairs for the underwater gear, but I had Classic Craft do the fiberglass work. I think Classic Craft will get my business from now on. They do great work and are very friendly. Sterling Marine completed the job, but they were far from friendly, did things I specifically asked them not to do and didn’t even wash my boat. You figure you spend $7,000 to repair your boat it would come back more clean than you dropped it off. The holiday season is off and running. My cake decorating classes are keeping me busy, plus I am doing other cakes for practice and fun. I am still single, although there are some fun prospects on the horizon.


It looks like we won’t be out boating much more this year. I managed to find a log with a rope around it. My prop lost a blad and it sheered off the rudder. Unlikely it will get fixed in time to be on the water before the end of the season. We will most likely go out just after the holidays when I get it back. Still training hard, just not doing to many races. Life is busy, but I am still single.


I Sorry for taking so long to update my site. Been busy training and getting the boat ready for summertime. I got a new Acme 525 prop for it and a 130amp alternator, plus did all the regular maintanance. Training hard for AIT, my swimming is not where it needs to be, but I should be okay. I am heading down to Wildflower to train/watch the race this weekend. Should be fun not having to worry about racing and just enjoying the weekend. See you at the races.


I updated my racing schedule a bit and added my race report for the Pinole Team Time Trail. My teammate and I were hoping for a top three finish, oh well, it was hillier than we expected. March is here so it is time to start really ramping up the training. Races are just around the corner and being slow is not something I enjoy. My server closet is getting finished up, rackmount stuff, RAID array and all the cabling. Should be pretty nice when I get it done. Oh, I am still single.


I am still procrastinating on the kitchen remodel. It is not much, just pull down some ugly fake brick, replace the lighting with cans and paint. I bought another board rack and still need to pull the alternator out of the boat to take it in and get more power out of it. Someone asked me about our annual Super Bowl Sunday boarding day. Last year was the first year, but it was a blast, so we decided to do it every year. Other than that, training is coming along, I have no top end and no endurance compared to just a few months ago :(


I am done painting, just need to put in some new molding in the stairwell and then re-arrange my junk in my cabinets downstairs. Hopefully I can get to my minor kitchen remodel in the next few weeks. I signed up for the Auburn Internation Triathlon and will be training with my buddy Brian. It is sad when someone in there 20s can't keep up with a guy in his mid 40s. It makes me stronger is the only reason I continue. Our annual Super Bowl Sunday boarding day is coming up and I am getting a new alternator and prop for the boat. Maybe another board rack too if I feel rich.


I repainted the interior of my house last week. I still need to do the doors and trim, but otherwise everything is looking nice and cozy now. I have the mobo on my server crash a few weeks ago, so I need to check that and maybe replace it. I will probably do that this month if I get everything else done that needs to be taken care of during the holiday season. Festivus is coming up and I will be making my annual donation to the Human Fund. Join me in my generousity, George would be proud of you. Oh, I am still single.


Remember to vote today. My roommate (tenant) moved out this weekend, so I am back to being in my house all by myself. I cleaned my pantry last night, luckily it was just a bunch of chocolate and candy that got thrown out. I don't eat that stuff, it just sits and goes bad, don't give it to me. Still hesitating on joining a gym to swim at during lunch. By January I will have decided on how to do that. Some folks have been asking about how much I train, so maybe I will start a training log. Two more Cyclocross races for me, then it is time to get fat for a month.


Well, I wrote my race report for the Golden State Triathlon today, but still need to do my Granite Bay Race Report. I took third in my age group in the Golden State race. If I had swam anywhere near what I did last year I would have won, but that is what I get for not swimming in 6+ weeks (minus one race). Boarding season is ending here. Time to work around the house and add in some serious run and swim mileage. I made a new friend who is working hard on racing and plan to do a bit of training with him early next season to get in shape for the three half-ironmans I plan to do next year.


Finally I have access to my site again. I had my hard drive reformatted and it took awhile for me to get my password for my site again. I put up some new pics of the boat with the new dash, switches and tower on it. I am planning on making a new speaker box this winter, the on on there now will do for a temp until I get extra time (ie stop boarding every weekend). I repainted my theater room, I will try to take pics soon, it is very dark and I love it. More of a movie atmosphere now. I have a couple race reports to put up too, I will get to those soon. I took second in the Granite Bay Tri and was happy about that. Look for more updates before Halloween (still boarding a lot)!


Life starts to slow down, then it picks back up again. My step-brother is getting rid of a few truckloads of used brick, so I am doing some landscaping in my front yard. I had the brakes go out on my van when towing to the lake. Luckily I thought something was wrong and was pulling over when the pedal went to the floor. Now I have a new brake system on my van, so I am happy. I got my nipples pierced last week. They were quite sore for the first 5 or so days, now they are feeling fine. I painted some of the interior of my house this last week too, and plan to do more. Fun stuff for me, but I am still single!


Life is starting to slow down. I had a pretty miserable Sea Otter race and fractured my left foot during the Wildflower Long Course race. So I am not running for the next few weeks. I have been spending some quality time with my HT, but the hard drive controller on my motherboard took a dump on me and I had one of my hard drives catch on fire, so I am trying to figure what my best solution is. I got my server up and running and have all my HDDs over there now. Boating season is upon us, but my foot is not to great, so I will just be tanning.


Life is just to busy. April is going to be very hectic, I will be on vacation for spring break (Lake Havasu) and the next weekend is the Sea Otter Classic. The Saturday after that is the Wente Road Race, then on May 1 is Wildflower Long Course. Hopefully this year WF will be warm, I cannot handle cold at all. The boat has the new ballast in it and it fills in ~4 minutes. The new gauges are in and look great, I will post up some pics when I get them. Finally got the tri bike together and got fitted by Total Tri, Chris got me setup and I should be fast. Look for the guy riding 12MPH (twelve), lol.


Fixed the email problem, so go ahead and email me Hopefully everyone is getting ready for Steak & Blow Job day (March 14). Swimming is becoming more fun and the boat is coming along. Still no g/f, but there is a good prospect I have been talking to.


With the new server, there has been some problems. Anyone trying to email me at my ricemobile address will not get through. For the mean time you can contact me at my other email addy. Other than that, life is moving along, working on the boat, training hard, but still no g/f. Home theater PC is starting to come together lately with some new purchases, I will update that later.


If anyone has noticed, there are no more banner ads. Big thanks to my buddy Josh who is now hosting my site. In the next month I will be able to upload my boating pics that the previous server would not allow (file size limitations).


First off, I put some pics of me on here finally. Click on the 'My Bio' link on the left. Life is slowing down a bit, but the new racing season is here. Spending a lot of time in the pool, but need to get out and start running againg. New plan for training this year in hopes to finish near the top. I have been working on the girlfriend thing, but for some reason it is just not going well. There is one girl I like, but it is to early to tell how it will end up. Good news, the boat is together and we are boarding on Sunday (Yay!). I picked up a '96 De Rosa Columbus with DA. This bike climbs sooooo much better than my commuter bike. We will see this Saturday at the Patterson Pass RR. I also picked up an '03 Cervelo P2K frameset. Hopefully I can get that bike built up for Wildflower in May. Does anyone really look at my site? I see a few hundred hits a month, but I do not get emails. Talk to me people!


Life is still very busy. The holiday season is upon us and I just have no time for anything right now. The boat had a problem when we went out last weekend. It got hot and we got towed in. Looks like the guy that had the boat before did not put the impellar in correctly and it was shredded when I pulled it out. Plus the boat would not start, so I pulled the plugs and water poured out. Thought it was a blown head gasket, nope. So then I thought the head could be warped. Nope. Could the block be cracked, nope. It was from there being nothing on the impellar and being towed sucked the water back in and without the motor run, it would not get blown out the exhaust and just dumped into the motor. All I needed to do was suck out the water, change the impellar and it would have started. Instead, I pulled the heads, had them tested bought a new upper gasket set and am out 6 hours and $250 for nothing but knowledge that my boat is in good condition. Other than that, I am still single!


Life has just been to busy these last few months. I got the new roof on my house, and it looks pretty. My roommate is moving out and I am sad to see him go. He is buying a house, so it is good news for him. On Thanksgiving I will see Shelly, not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Right now there are two females I like. One has a boyfriend and the other one I doubt would date me. Took the boat to Berryessa the other weekend. Great water, a bit cold, but we all had fun. My buddies digital camera is getting fixed, so there are no pics, sorry.


Life has just been to busy these last few months. Doing a lot to the house before winter comes and trying to help out some of my buddies that are not doing well. I just picked up a 2000 Sanger V210 on Monday, so there will be updates with pics and stuff on the new (to me) boat. Still racing, but have not had time to finish up the writeups and download the datalogs. I took 5th in sprint race, to bad I did not know I was so high up or I might have worked harder, I was just out for a good time.


Wow, it has been a long time since I updated my site. The season is over, so there is not a lot to say. I am doing cyclocross races now, but they are just a "fun, let's get out and do something other than training" type thing. Winter time is coming so I looking forward to spending more time inside my house. To bad my tan slowly goes away in winter :(


I have been busy the past month and not had a lot of time to update my site. I have uploaded datalogs and race reports of my past races. I also added a section on boating that I should have all the pics up in the next few weeks. I also added an article about being a good third; a must for anyone going out on someone elses boat.


I am going to be selling my car to buy a boat. In September I should have it back together and tuned. I will hit a few track events to have some fun with it before it goes. Anyone that wants the car right now can take it home for $28k as is. Check my for sale page for info and links.


I raced the Leesville Gap Road Race last weekend. I have my race report up, but no datalog (forgot to put on the wheel magnet). Why am I still single? Time to fix that.


If you have not noticed, I am back to banner ads on my site. $7 a month is just to much to keep banners off my site. Hopefully it is not to cumbersome for you folks. No races until July 12th, Leesville.


I put up my race report on Folsom Criterium and did okay. I took a prime but was getting boxed out trying to get into position for the final sprint.


I put up my race report on Freemont Criterium and the Memorial Day Criterium. I felt good during and after both races. It is nice to see I am one of the few that has the power and is willing enough to go off the front. The Folsom Criterium is this weekend and hopefully I can podium for the race since it is in my backyard.


I put up my race report on Cat's Hill. I also uploaded the pics from Wildflower also. I have the datalog of Cat's Hill, although I have not downloaded it. I felt truely awful in that race before it started, I was happy to finish.


I raced this last weekend, and I have a bike race again this weekend. I did my write-up on Wildflower, and had tons of fun when I was there. I should have the pictures up before May 13.


Nothing exciting happening lately. My first tri (Wildflower) is coming up this weekend. Some people say it is the toughest half ironman in the country. Why start off doing something easy I say, go in head first. I will have my race strategy up later on this week for Wildflower. Check back next week for my race report, results, and pictures.


My first season of bicycle racing has started and I am having fun. I will have race reports of each race I am in along with any photos I take. I have a cyclecomputer that datalogs information and I will also be posting up that information as well. Hopefully a beginner (like myself) can get an idea of what the races are like in terms of speed and such. For reports click on my bicycle link on the lefthand side and go to Race Reports.


All the karting stuff is gone now. I have been spending a lot of time training, so not much has been getting done on the house. The drawings will be going into permit in a week or so. Then just wait until the weather gets nice and start pouring concrete :)


I figured I would put up some pics of my two piercings, tragus & rook. These pics are about 4 years old, but the piercings (and jewelry) has not changed. My racing kart is now officially gone, so no more kart racing for me. I still have miscellaneous parts (tires, gears, brakes, etc) if anyone is interested.


Happy New Year to everyone. I put up some more information on the new theater room. I moved around some things and made room for a restroom. The new layout is up and I also put it in jpeg form so everyone can view. If you have ideas or suggestions for a better layout or design please let me know.


I had a great holiday season this year. I got to see almost all my family and I really enjoyed that. I got the main layout for my theater room up on my site. It is in DWF format right now, so those of you without an ACAD program will have to wait until I put it in jpg format. Life is still pretty busy, I picked up a computer this last weekend for my Home Theater. I plan to get specs up this week along with those screen shots of the 10' screen I promised everyone.


I updated my DVD list and my Home Theater sections of my website. The holiday season is here and I am quite busy, plus working around the house is taking up a lot of my time. I still have not uploaded the new pics of my commuter bicycle, although I hope to get that done before the first of the year. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and stays safe.


Sorry for the long time in between updates on my car and life. Life has been busy all around. Winter season is here and that brings on the winter training. I will post some updates on the Ricemobile and other things in my life (ie Canada trip, commuter bicycle, new toys/DVDs).


Can you get sued for telling people on the internet about a bad experience you had with a tuner/shop? Find out here, with the case Monsen vs Peter Farrell Supercars.


Tomorrow is 'National Ride Your Bicycle to Work Day,' so I expect to see lots of people out on the bike trail on my way to work.


I picked up a new pinball machine for my game room, so I added a new page to my site to include my pinball machines. I also removed my reef tank page since I have taken down the tank and parted it out to people on Reefs.org.


I put up some pics of my IC and Radiator. This was a semi custom deal that I had done. If anyone needs any info on this or interested in the setup for there car you can contact me.


I put up some pics of my turbo manifold and the turbo on the car. I know there are a few people that have been wanting to see it. So there it is. Obviously the wastegate is not mounted yet, I just had it sitting there from when I was looking at fitment (yes I know, the wastegate will be mounted upside when it is mounted). I am still sticking with my end of April deadline for when the car will be running. Time will tell.


I wrote about my trip I took to Toronto, Canada last November. I know, it took awhile for me to type it, but I have been busy/lazy. Hopefully I will be able to go back before to long and visit with the friends I made.


I changed the column on the left to include the new information about my R/C Helicopter and my Mountain Bike.

I plan to update my Reef Tank page soon. As usual my DVD list is updated as I buy new discs. Since I have become a member of Netflix I do not buy that many DVDs anymore. If you like watching DVDs and you are on the west coast check it out.

Are you single, blonde and intelligent? I am so tired of dating and just wish I could find a good female to spend my time with and do things with. Send me an email if you live near my town.


If you are looking for pics of Steve's rims that are for sale, contact him for any information at sstover@scires.com.


I wanted to inform everyone that Greg emailed shortly after this was posted. He is trying to make good on the deal, so for the next few weeks I am going to remove his information. Thank you all for the help in tracking him down.


I just wanted to warn everyone about a thief and a liar. I shipped this man some good working parts from my RX-7 and he agreed to pay me $80. He said he sent the check after recieving the parts, after a month I had not recieved it. He said he would send another one back in May, but then stated he had lost my address, so I emailed my address to him again. It has been over 8 months since I have shipped him the parts he has not paid and over 4 months since he has responded to the dozens of emails..


Greg Thomas
4415 Ludwick


A lot of you have probably scene me sign my posts or emails with Reverend or Doctor before my name. It is true, I am an ordained Minister and a Doctor of Metaphysics. For those of you non-believers, I took a pics of my credentials for you to see my Ministry certicate and my Metaphysics degree.


The only changes to my site is in relation to a new event that is happening in May of 2002 and my racing kart is up for sale. Check out the Road Racing section of my site for details.


I updated my site a little, including a write-up from Barry Gibson about HP and Torque. If you notice the section on my remote has changed to Home Theater. I have been buying and building it to make my life more enjoyable. I have also added an update to my reef tank page, but I do not have any new pictures yet. Hopefully before the end of the month I can get a couple new pics of the corals and layout I have now. I have ordered my intercooler from Spearco and just waiting on delivery of it now. My plan is to have my car running and tune by the end of October. Time is just flying by and finding time to work on it is difficult while owning a house.


Congradulations to RX7.com and there 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the street class at the NHRA Import drag races this weekend at Sacramento Raceway. It was nice to meet Steve Kan, Ari Yallon and the other RX7.com team in person. Ari and Steve are very nice gentlemen and very knowledgable about RX-7s and general tuning. I have never seen Abel Ibarra's car in person or heard it run, boy is that thing loud. It ended up being Ibarra and Torres in the final round in the Pro catagory, 2 rotor versus 3 rotor. The whole weekend was lots of fun, to bad more local rotary folks could not make it out there.


Congradulations to Mike (Red-Rx7) and his beautiful new wife on there marriage and new house. I have removed the 7psi dyno graph since I do not believe it is correct. Sorry for not updating my website lately, but I have been super busy and out of town with limited net access. Are you looking to buy an upright arcade game? I am selling my 1981 Galaga upright arcade game to make room in my game room for another pinball machine. Check out the For Sale section for a price and more information. Look at my ex's (the woman I love) webapge, she did a beautiful job on it.


I just came back from Kansas City from helping Mike (Red-Rx7) with his Haltech tuned single turbo car. It was an exciting trip and I had a good time. I would like to thank his mother and father for being such gracious hosts when I was there.


The Ricemobile.net has undergone some major changes, if you have not noticed. 

I have been hanging out at Corner-Carvers.com lately since they seem to have a lot of great technical information. 


I have sold my stock turbo setup and I am in the middle of upgrading to something a little bit bigger. Along with the turbo upgrade I am redoing my fuel system and I plan to get rid of a little weight on my car to get it closer to the 2300lb goal I have.

I went to Ralph's Hot Rod Heaven and dynoed my car. I dynoed at 7psi and then went and dynoed at 13psi. I came to find out that I didn't actually turn the boost controller on, so it was just another 7psi pull. I do not think the dyno graph was correct since we ran the Ricemobile up to 8,200RPM and I do not remember the power dropping off so fast when I orignally saw the graph. I do remember making around 250RWHP all the way up to redline.


I have been looking to get a new display for my kart. Anyone know of anything cost effective that shows lap time, RPM and cylinder head temp, I would appreciate an email. I am working on making something myself, but if I can find something reliable and cheap I will give in and spend money.

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