Home Theater Construction/Pics

Current Room Layout Drawing

I have begun the beginning stages of designing a dedicated home theater. I like to call it 'The Cave' since there will essentially be only one entrance/exit and no windows. The room will be 21' by 26'6" with a 10' ceiling and have a 4' hallway on one side of it (not included in the room measurement). The room will have a 91" x 162" screen in it that will be wall mounted. On one side of the room there will be a curtain and behind the curtain there will be a door to the restroom. This restroom will only be accessed from the Cave, so it will have a 7" LCD monitor in it with stereo speakers. That way you will not miss anything that is happening in the 'big room.' I will have two rows of seating that will be tiered for better viewing. The first tier will be just over 19'6" from the screen and the last row will be 25' from the screen. This will allow for +18" behind the second since you do not want to be seated on a back wall of any theater. Building has been delayed until Spring of 2007, just to busy this year with other things in life.

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