My Home Theater/Server PC

HTPC Component List:

ASUS A7V8X-X Motherboard
Sempron 2400+ Processor w/ 80mm Zalman Fan
Zalman 80mm Case Fan
Antec 300w Power Supply
ATI Radeon 7500 Graphics Card
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy
Pioneer 106S DVD-ROM
NEC 2500 8X +/-R DVD writer

MyHD 120 High Definition Tuner Card (w/ DVI daughterboard)

Western Digital 13GB
Hard Drive (Operating System)
768MB (PC2700) DDR-RAM
Pacific Cable DVI-D 5m Cable

Server Closet Component List:

Syntax 1.3Ghz Motherboard/Processor Combo ($5)
Dual Antec 350w Power Supplies
(8) Seagate 200Gb Hard Drive (Movies) RAID5
Seagate 10GB Hard Drive (Operating System)
256MB (PC2100) DDR-RAM

Gigafast 8-Port 10/100Mbps Switch

After comparing the picture quality with my current DVD to a friend's HTPC I decided I needed to build an HTPC. I bought the most cost effective stuff I could find that would do the job needed in December 2002. The computer was built for under $450 and put together\booted up very easily. The computer is extremely quiet and cannot be heard even though it is sitting right behind my seating area. Since then I have upgraded some stuff, but even still an HTPC can be easily built for <$450

I have my server in a closet with a 50CFM Broan exhaust fan in the ceiling and an undercut door. This keeps the tempature of the closet in the 74F range.

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