The weights are based on parts that were installed and removed from the Ricemobile®. The parts with '*' next to them were weights emailled to me from others that have removed the parts.

Part Stock Aftermarket Difference
Airpump   None
*ABS 28lbs None -28lbs
Cruise Control 6lbs None -6lbs

Power Steering

15lbs None -15lbs


36lbs None -36lbs

Steering Wheel

9lbs 4lbs -5lbs
Seats (Pair) 76lbs 31lbs -45lbs
Airbag (Passenger) 10lbs None -10lbs
Misc. Nuts & Bolts 20lbs None -20lbs
Intake 4lbs 1lbs -3lbs
IC (M2 Large) 5lbs 16lbs 11lbs
Turbos/Wastegate 32lbs 42lbs 10lb
Exhaust Manifold 12lbs 11lbs -1lb
Pre-Cat 23lbs 9lbs -14lbs
Main-Cat 32lbs 10lbs -22lbs
Exhaust 40lbs 29lbs -11lbs
Battery 35lbs 15lbs -20lbs

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