My Home Theater

Component List:

Sony VPL-HS10 (Projector)
Custom (Parkland) 2:1, 60"x120" Screen (134" Diagonally)
Marantz SR-7200 Dolby Digital II Processor
15" Flat Panel Touchscreen running Main/DVD/Music Lobby for remote control
Marantz MM-9000 150 Watt x 5 Channel Amplifier
Energy AC300 Left, Center, Right Speakers
Energy RVSS Surround
Left, Surround Right, dipole/bipole surrounds
Parts Express 250 Watt x 1 Channel Amplifier for the subwoofer
SVS 20-39CS+
Home Theater PC & Media Server for DVDs
Custom Interconnect cables

Home Theater Contruction Information/Pics

My DVD Collection (not including TV series/shows)

Screen Shot of the Pronto TSU-1000 Remote Scenes

I just installed the new Sony VPL-HS10 in my theater (AKA Living/Dining room). This is a nice projector and has some great resolution and good color. This projector is only temporary until I get my dedicated home theater room built in summer of 2003. I will be putting up plans and specs on the room as time goes by. We have some temporary layouts of the room that we are looking at and trying to decide what is best. Many things need to be taken into consideration, I am not made of money (as some believe), the county codes and the overall feel of the room. This room will be just for watching movies and I would like to get the same atmosphere as I get in a commercial theater. I can do without the noise of cellular phones and yammer during the film though.

I started my Home Theater with a Mitsubishi VS-60719 which I purchased in February of 1998. At that time wide screen televisions were really starting to come out into the market place and were still quite pricey (i.e. $4k+). This was a good basis for watching TV and movies, but really lacked the good picture quality that I wanted. VHS and cable TV just do not have the resolution I had hoped for with my new purchase. I then purchased a Pioneer DV-525 could get a decent picture. The DVD did help immensely with picture quality and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course along with buying a DVD player I need to start buying DVDs making my little home theater hobby an ongoing expense that will never end. I have a subscription to Netflix which allows me to have 3 DVDs at any one time. I just pay a monthly fee and I can watch as many movies as I can. They come by mail and get sent back in a postage paid envelope, which makes life super simple. You can keep the DVD as long as you want also, so no late fees. Check them out, it is great for ~$20.00 a month.

After spending some money on my car and house I finally had grown tired of listening to the cheap speakers in the TV. In July of 2001 I purchased a Marantz SR-7200 Digital Home Theater receiver. Granted there are better models (i.e. AV-9000), but I cannot ju. I also picked up a Marantz MM-9000 I needed to save some money to buy decent speakers with, which I did. I purchased three of the Energy AC300 speakers for F/C/R and two RVSS bipole/dipole speakers for the rear. Since my receiver offers a 6.1 setup, I plan to add another AC300 to my room for a better sounding system. The next plan after the fourth AC300 is to start building a box for the subs. I has some great Digital Designs subwoofers that I plan to build boxes for for my low end response. It will be a unique setup with very full sounding bass, along with trying to eliminate the 'boomy' sound that many systems have. It will be a dual-sub setup with an interesting crossover setup for the subs.

The true test of this whole system will be when I add onto my current house and put a 17'x29' home theater room on the back. I have been reading a lot of books and magazines on what to do to a home theater room to help it sound better and avoid unwanted harmonics and reflections. We will all see how it sounds when it is completed in November of 2007. I have not picked out the seating yet, but I like to lay down when I watch a movie, so it will be something other than movie chair seating. Definitely a bi-level setup with two couches to accommodate all my loving family members that enjoy a good movie with great sound and picture.

After buying the TV decided that the "supposed" universal remote was not good enough for me. I decided to find something that would work with all my devices. Most universal remotes had preprogrammed codes in them for the different devices. That did not work to well for me since some of my equipment was a few years old and some was just released.

After reading a few of my audio/video magazines I found a remote that I liked. It was the Philips Pronto TSU1000 remote. It is a touch screen remote with seven buttons on it. One button for mute, two for volume, two for channels, and two programmable buttons. The touch screen is fully programmable with the software that is windows based. It allows me to download images off the internet or create my own images and download them into the remote.

My beautiful and loving fiancÚ (now ex-fiancÚ) bought me the remote for the holidays in 1999. It was not something I asked for, but she saw me drooling over it for a few months. 

The remote has the capability of replacing every IF remote that I will ever have. After choosing the buttons that I want I have to program each one. That entails selecting the a button on the Pronto remote and then firing the factory remotes button at the Pronto remote. That allows the Pronto remote to learn the signal that will be associated with the selected button.

After I programmed all the buttons I decided that I wanted a new layout of the buttons. The remote comes with buttons already in it, but they are to basic for me. I spent some time on the internet download images and other stuff that I planned on using. I found many images that would work well and some that wouldn't. Since the display on the remote is only 8-bit gray scale not all pics worked really well.

Along with being able to make and program my own buttons, it also allowed for macros. So I decided to take advantage of that for my daughter. I setup a button that would turn the TV on, adjust the volume, and change the channel to the cartoon network. This makes my life simple since I now do not have to remember to change the channel and adjust the volume at night before I go to bed.

I have setup everything that allows the remote to control my lights, but I have not uploaded any new remote pics with how it all appears on the remote. It is nice to be able to dim the lights at night without have to stand up. 

Here are a few screen shots of my Pronto remote.

TV Controls

DVD Controls

VCR Controls

Numeric Controls

Here is a CCF file for those of you TSU1000 users that like my setup. Click Here

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